Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A new blog for a new start

I have always been into blogging, but I have often started new blogs in the past that I kept going for a few months, but then just stopped due to being too busy or not having enough time. Only now have I decided that by making myself a brand new blog, I will make sure that I make time for it and I will ensure that it's updated at least once a week (I hope so anyway!). This is a brand new start. I don't want this one to be the same as the others; I want this one to be continued throughout my life.

My last blog that I did was about my work throughout my time at university, which lead me to write this blog about my life after university. Just to give you a little bit of background information, I am originally from a small town in Lincolnshire, and I studied for four year at the University of Leeds, completing my degree in Fashion Design. I now live in York and I work as a Digital Media Agent. Although this is very different to fashion design, I really enjoy it as I get to look at all of the wonderful blogs that are online, which actually inspired me to create my own brand new blog. After looking at other blogs, I started to get excited about what mine could be about - snaps of my life, including everything that I love - fashion, travel, food, crafts, films, along with everything else that makes up my life!

So here it is; my first post. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.