Saturday, 20 April 2013

Home decor bargain buys

One thing that I love shopping for (apart from clothes) are things for the home. I love buying bits for all rooms, from the kitchen to the bedroom, but I have found whilst looking around for these bits, that there can be very different price ranges for similar items, depending on where you look.

The images below show some of the latest additions to my home, with some being received as gifts, and some being bought by myself. At the moment I'm really into the 'shabby chic' look, and I picked up the flower design photoframe from Home Sense in York, which has some great bargains, selling anything from cupcake stands, to quirky chairs and rugs. The prices are relatively cheap too. I often browse department stores like House of Fraser and Debenhams for inspiration, but often avoid buying things as you can often pick up similar items of the same quality for a lot cheaper from stores such as Bhs, Home Sense and The Range. The Range is great for kitchen items, such as the spice rack pictured below, and has some of the best prices!

I often buy the odd decorative piece from Wilkinsons, although the quality can be slightly lower here. I also love making things for the home, such as the cushion cover that I recently posted about. I am currently working on another cushion cover, and I also have the odd canvas painting on the wall that I have done. I love painting and making things for the home, it's just finding the time that's the hard bit! But if you have a passion to hand make bits, then it's a great way to not just save money, but to also make your home completely customised and individual. My next task is to do some more canvas paintings after finishing the may be a while until they are started though!