Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My love for knitwear

I have always had a passion for knitwear, ever since I first started knitting at around the age of 8 years old - not that I was much good back then. I worked for a hosiery company whilst I was at university as a freelance designer, and designed for brands including topshop, miss selfridge and george. You can see a sample that I designed below for topshop, which was one of my favourites that went into retail.
I have also developed a passion for crochet...I love it! I made my first traditional granny square cushion (shown below) and I am currently making another which will be made of 16 small squares rather than 1 big square. Although it is very time consuming, it's such a great feeling once you have finally finished!
Having completed a degree in fashion design and now having a slightly different career, I enjoy doing the odd bit of sewing on the side - it's just a struggle to find the time to do it.