Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My trip to Malta

I was lucky enough to visit the lovely island of Malta over christmas, and was even more lucky enough to be taken by my boyfriends company. We stayed in the Radisson Blu in St. Juliens, which is a really lovely 5* hotel right on the coast of Malta. Even though we only went for four days, we had the chance to explore the whole of Malta, with the island being so small. Here are some of my pictures of some of my favourite places that we explored during my time there. As you can see in the photographs, the weather was really quite hot, with temperatures being up to 20 degrees Celsius. However, we predicted that the weather would be quite mild with a lot of rain, as Malta is known for having a rainy season over december time, therefore I ended up taking more winter clothes. Nevertheless, it was a nice surprise to see the sun shining!

The images above show St. Juliens bay, which was a very lovely, and quite a quiet, area of Malta. The architecture was really lovely, and we had a meal in a restaurant overlooking the bay in the evening, which was lovely seeing the bay all lit up in the evening. I particularly loved the small, colourful boats in the bay area, especially when we saw people ride away on one! There were also some great bars in this area as well a lot of clubs, with a strip being located behind the bay area where we went to in the evenings. Although Malta isn't a particularly lively partying place to go, this area was quite busy with a lot of young people around, so it was great to go to on an evening.

This image above shows the view from a viewing platform in Mdina, the ancient city of Malta. The views were incredible, as you could literally see almost the whole of Malta from here. Mdina is actually one of the oldest and finest historic cities in Europe, with the city's origin dating back to over 4000 years. It is a medieval walled town situated on a hill in the centre of the island and the city used to be the capital of Malta, but it was then replaced by Valletta (see images below). Mdina now has a very small population, so when walking around there wasn't many people there.

 Above: St Pauls Cathedral, Mdina

Above: Mdina

The final three images here show some of the views from the city of Valletta, showing the Grand Harbour. In comparison to Mdina, this city is very big and busy, with main shopping streets that are lined with large international fashion, music and jewellery stores. However, the part that I loved about the city were the narrow side streets that had cute quaint shops and cafes, selling handmade pieces and lovely cakes. The city also holds a lot of history, including statues, niches and fountains. I loved this city so much that I went two days in a row; the fact that it had such amazing views as well as lovely shops made it very difficult not to love it!

Above: largest docks in Europe, seen from Valletta.