Thursday, 9 May 2013


My wish list seems to be endless at the minute! I seem to find a new thing that I want every day, especially when casually browsing on Etsy...

This really might as well be called an Etsy wish list, as that is essentially what it is. I love this beaded leather wrap bracelet, pictured above, created by MadRiverDesigns. They have some great jewellery pieces on their site, and I particularly like this bracelet because it reminds me of being on holiday; it reminds me of the type of thing that I would buy from a small boutique in Spain or Italy. They have tonnes of similar styles on their Etsy shop though so it's definitely worth checking out, and I will eventually buy one of these when I've saved up a few pennies!

I seem to be obsessed with watches at the moment. I love the watch, pictured above, found here by Lettimestop.

They have a wide collection of leather, vintage-style watches in a wide variety of colours. The prices are really reasonable too so I have no reason not to get one of these! I really like the ones where the leather looks a bit worn away too, such as the watch pictured above.

The wooden collar necklace below is by TheTwentyFingers, and can be found here. Specialising in accessories and home decor, they really do sell some great designs. I am in love with this necklace though, as I love the geometric structure and pastel colours, as well as the copper-coloured chain to go with it. I can just imagine this teamed up with the majority of my wardrobe. I also love these feather earrings below, which have been laser cut. I did the odd bit of laser cutting at uni, and really love some of the effects created by it, such as these wooden earrings. With the prices also being reasonable, I will definitely be buying a few bits from this shop.

This Zebra print is by Mysoulfly. She has some really great illustrations for sale in her shop, and I particularly love the print pictured above. I'm looking to buy a few prints to decorate my apartment with, including some fashion illustrations and other random prints, and with a turquoise/blue theme in the bedroom, this one would fit in perfectly!

I really need to stop spending so much time on Etsy, otherwise I'm going to be maxed out in my overdraft again!