Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Crocheting Update

This post is just a quick update really as to what I have been up to in terms of crafts. I have been pretty slow really, as things have been busy recently with my job, as well as my weekends - I haven't had much time to myself. I have been working on the second pink and red cushion cover for a while now - far too long! It's finally now at the stage where all sixteen granny squares have been completed, I just need to find the time to do the boring (and time consuming) job of  crocheting them together and tying the ends off, and then of course stitching it to the cover. It has taken me ages to do this one though because the wool is very fine and I am using such a small crochet hook. For this reason, for my next cushion, I have bought a bigger hook and chunkier wool!

Although I do love the fine wool final pieces, it's just too time consuming. I have now started making a chunky cream and purple cushion cover, which will be made up of nine squares, and will be the same size as the recent turquoise and navy blue one, which is available to buy on my Etsy shop.
I think that my next project will be a colourful throw for my bed, and then I may make some of those to sell too! I love the traditional granny square blankets, that are bright and colourful with lots of different, clashing colour. This will have to be made using the chunky wool again, otherwise it would probably take me years to create!

Let me know what you think to my lastest creations - any ideas are welcome, such as colour ideas or patterns to test out.