Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day Trip: Chester Zoo

So for my birthday, it was decided that I would be taking a trip to Chester Zoo along with my boyfriend, as I fancied doing something a bit different than just a night out with friends, and waking up to a hangover the next morning! I thought I would write this post to share my photographs and experiences from this day, as it was a fantastic day out and I would definitely recommend going for something a bit different. We planned this trip by visiting our local train station in York, after finding out that you could get a cheap bulk deal that including train tickets, bus transfer (from Chester station to the zoo) and the entry tickets, and we ended up only paying £35 each for all of this which was a real budget.

Just to give you a bit of information about the zoo, Chester zoo has over 7000 animals and over 400 species, making it the largest zoo in the UK at over 110 acres. It also features some of the most exotic and endangered species, and has great transportation around the zoo that includes the Zoofari monorail and water bus (although this did cost an extra £2 per person). Although I don't like the idea of animals being kept in zoos, it was worth the trip and definitely inspires me to go on a Kenyan Sarfari to see the animals where they belong.

One of my favourite parts was the bat experience. I had never actually seen a bat up close before, and this involved going in a dark room (with a tunnel) that was just full of bats - I have to admit that I did get the the entrance and refused to go in at first, but then I just pulled up my hood and went in. They fly past you so fast, particularly as they go through the tunnel, and the lady that was working in there informed me that they have never flown into someone (which is what I was afraid of), due to their magnificent talent sonar. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of this though.

Another one of my favourites were the meerkats - everyone loves meerkats after the popular TV advert for 'Compare the Market', making them a popular attraction. I could of spent ages watching them, and there were even some tiny, very young baby meerkats which were incredibly cute!

I hope you like my images of the different animals that I photographed. These include elephants, zebras, meerkats, penguins, a red fox, some aquarium snaps, butterflies and a miniature monkey - enjoy!