Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jewellery Wishlist: the statement necklace

Above: Topshop

This Summer, one of my favourite jewellery trends is the statement necklace. With bright, neon colours being in fashion, this makes necklaces bolder than ever! Key trends include grunge, including spikes, triangles and geometric designs; neon, including splashes of bold pink, lime green and neon yellow; as well as tassels, such as beaded, leather or dip dyed tassels. These images show a few of my favourite pieces that are in stores at the moment. As you can see, I am a big fan of Topshop jewellery, and New Look too - they are both great for bargain jewellery. Another brand that I love for jewellery is Swarovski, which is a bit more pricey, but good if you are looking for something a bit more special. 

The two necklaces pictured above and below are both from Topshop, and are both similar in style, with them being tribal and bold. I especially love the one below - it would look great on a summer holiday, teamed with a black dress or playsuit, and is definitely on my wishlist! I think it's quite a bargain at £20 too.

Above: Topshop

 Above: Topshop

I love this flamingo necklace, and I have also spotted some matching flamingo earrings in store too - I just love the pendant! Flamingos are everywhere at the moment and this is one of my favourite designs, as I love the hint of coral colour too. Again, a great piece of jewellery for the Summer. If I don't buy the necklace, I will definitely get the earrings. Although as it is coming up to my birthday I may go ahead and treat myself to both of them!

Above: New Look

New Look is particularly cheap for jewellery, and does really good offers such as buy one get one free, which is when I always get loads of necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc, as I love a bargain! I actually have the collar necklace pictured above. It's a great alternative to the more brighter necklaces, with it being in pastel colours, and looks extra special when worn with pale denim. Even when the offers aren't on, it's still only £5.99, so you can't feel guilty!

A more expensive option is with Swarovski, as this necklace was £579, but is down to £405.30. I absolutely love this, and wish I could afford it! This is definitely my favourite, and although I do own some Swarovski jewellery ranging up to £200, this is definitely out of my price range...hopefully it will come down at bit more in the sales.

Above: Swarovski