Friday, 12 September 2014

Summer Trend: Clash

As summer has quickly passed, I have decided to take a good look at two of my favourite trends for the season in order to keep in the happy summer spirit! These are clashing prints, and clashing colours.

The above image shows a Polyvore set that I have created based on clashing prints. For this, I have looked at one of my favourite designers at the minute; Mary Katrantzou. I absolutely love her designs, as she has some really great prints that feature the perfect mix of colours, along with birds, floral designs and aztec patterns. My favourite has to be the silk jumper (pictured below); I really do love this - just looking at it makes me happy! However, it isn't really in my price range as it costs £681.28. I may add this to my birthday wishlist and just hope that someone can buy it for me! If, however, this is in your price range, then you can buy this from FarFetch by clicking here. Maybe one day I will be able to afford something from her collection, or I may just buy a silk scarf, such as the one on the left. To view where any of the clothes are from, take a look at my polyvore page, with the link to this given at the end of the post.

This set below focuses on clashing colours. I am really into bold, big jewellery at the moment, and this necklace is one of my favourites. The bold, clashing colours of the necklace mean that you can wear it with any outfit to add some extra colour. I also think bold colours look best with a tan, as if you look a bit pasty then they can wash you out, therefore they are great pieces to wear when you're on holiday. I love the neon green colour of the jacket, and although I probably wouldn't be confident enough to wear that colour on a jacket, I do think it would look great! I do, however, have quite a few accessories in that colour. Accessories are a good way to wear these bright, clashing colours without being too bold, which is why I love the necklace so much - anyone could pull this off! If you love any of this pieces and wish to buy then, then please see my polyvore page by clicking the link below.

Images were created with Polyvore. See my sets here: