Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fiesta Latina: review

For my birthday I went for a meal at Fiesta Latina in York, a Mexican restaurant close to the river. Being a lover of nachos, I though a mexican restaurant would be a good choice and after doing a bit of research, I discovered this restaurant.

After arriving I definitely thought this was a good choice. The atmosphere was really great; with candlelit tables and cute wooden tables, the setting was quite small and cosy. They offer a range of cocktails and also do discounts, such as half price for students on Tuesdays. The food that we ordered was presented well, with generous portions, reasonable prices and it tasted delicious.

The image above shows the nacho starter to share (Nacho Cowabunga), with chilli con carne and chicken chilli, blended cheese,  bacon bits and scallions, salsa and sour cream. As always, I ate too much of the starter and couldn't finish my main course! But these really were the best nachos I have ever had, with it being the perfect blend of ingredients. The chilli was especially nice, and although I do like spicy food, I can't tackle food that's too spicy however this was just right.

The images below are two of the main courses that were ordered. The first image shows the chilli cheesey hotdog, which (as the title suggests) was coated with chilli and blended cheese. The hot dog was absolutely delicious with it being covered in chilli and cheese, but the portion was just too large for me to manage. The coleslaw was also very tasty, and was a nice bonus to the dish as it mixed well the the hotdog. The second image is the burrito, ordered by my boyfriend. This was a large flour tortilla stuffed with blended cheese and chicken, topped with sour cream, salsa and guacamole. Again, a very large portion! 

Overall I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you like mexican food and can handle big portions - I would give it an 8 out of 10.