Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Turquoise love...

Bedding, Anthropologie

One of my favourite colours at the moment is turquoise, and after discovering the blog, House of Turquoise, I decided to look around for some turquoise bits and bobs to decorate my bedroom (it is definitely due a bit of a revamp!). This blog is definitely a great starting point to get some inspiration as I love turquoise, and would love to decorate my room with a theme in this colour along with some shades of cream as well as the odd darker blue tone. I have already began buying some new bath sheets and matts in a lime green and turquoise colour in order to add some colour to the bathroom (pictured below), showing my love for the colour! Some of my favourite pieces that I have come across whilst having a browse for bedroom inspiration are pictured in this post.

Anthropologie is a great shop for bedding and bits for the home, and the bed set pictured above is one of my favourites that I have seen so far. Although it is quite pricey, I love the design so I may just have to invest in it, or alternatively find a cheaper option! Either way, some lovely bedding is the perfect way to start a bedroom revamp.

Turquoise Chandelier, Outer Banks Trading Group

This chandelier is well out of my price range, but is really lovely, featuring two of my favourite colours for the home at the minute. If you can afford it, then it's definitely worth the investment as it's a great way to add some bold colour to a room, whilst making it a key feature too. With this, you could keep the rest of the room quite basic in order to make a statement with it.  I'm sure there are some cheaper alternatives around, so I will definitely be on the lookout. It's just so pretty...

Quilted Throw, NowandThenQuilts, Etsy

Another great piece of bedding - the throw pictured above is actually designed for a baby's bedroom, however, I wouldn't mind it for my room! Quilted bedding is everywhere at the moment - it makes me want to sit and make some myself as it can be quite pricey, and although it would be quite time consuming to make, it would definitely be very cheap compared to buying a ready-made quilted throw. At some point when I have a bit more time I will definitely consider it, as it also gives you the options to pick your own fabrics and patterns. Another lovely addition to a bedroom, this quilted throw really inspires me to make my own. It also means that you could just buy some plain cream/white bedding, making the throw the key feature of the bed.

Set of 9 cushions, ginette1223, Etsy

These cushions would look great scattered over a very plain bed. I love scattered cushions, whether its on a sofa or a bed, and these are really pretty designs with a nice range of colours. After looking around, I think I really need to focus on what I would like the main feature of the room to be - whether that be the bedding, the throw, the cushions, etc.  I really don't want it to look too much of a complete mish-mash, and there needs to be some simple aspects to it. A lot of decisions need to be made before I start buying or making...