Wednesday, 20 November 2013


It wasn't long ago when I was invited to go zorbing for my friends hen party. At the time I had no idea what it was but said that I would go along; little did I know that it would involve being strapped inside a large, plastic ball and being pushed down a hill!

You may, or may not, have heard of zorbing. For those of you that don't know, it basically involves rolling down hill in a large, transparent orb. As you can see from the images, the orb fits two people that are strapped in by velcro sitting opposite each other, with one person going backwards and the other going forward. From my experience it is well worth trying, even if you just have a go the one time. I would also recommend going backwards - far less painful and more enjoyable! It could be quite painful as the orb rolls over bumps in the ground when going forwards, as you are going head first, rather than feet first! But apart from that it really is a great experience.

I think this is a great activity for hens/stags, as it's something a bit different and it's something that everyone will always remember. A lot of Outdoor Centres provide this activity, along with many others such as paint balling, archery, etc.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Southbank Christmas market

Last weekend I took a trip to the Christmas market at Southbank, London, a German-style market feature 80 wooden chalets. A great place to go to get in the spirit of Christmas, with the chalets being filled with festive drink and food as well as a wide variety of gifts, from jewellery to candles. The setting is gorgeous, being right alongside the river Thames, close to the London Eye and opposite Big Ben, meaning that you get all of the pretty London views too.

Some of my favourite stands are shown in the images, with them being the gingerbread house, the star lampshades and the copper wire jewellery stand, from which I bought myself a turquoise ring.


Overall this was a great experience - perfect to get into the Christmas spirit and atmosphere. The market was very similar to the German market in Leeds, of which I go to every year - the main difference being that the Southbank market was missing the beer tent, one of the main attractions in the Leeds German market. There are some other great events at Southbank too, which can found found on their website. I love the look of the chocolate festival as well as the designers/makers Christmas market.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Top five places to eat in York

Having lived in York for almost a year now and being a big fan of great food, I have definitely got a few favourite places to eat here. One thing that I do love about York is the wide variety of places to eat - there's always somewhere to go no matter what type of food you fancy; whether it's a traditional pub meal or something more adventurous.

So, here's my top five in no particular order.


Although this has some bad reviews online, I have been here several times and have always enjoyed the food. The carvery is fairly more expensive that what I would usually pay, but the atmosphere is great with a lot of space. It's a great place to go if you fancy a roast dinner, as they are served every day of the week!

Meltons Too

Meltons Too is a great place to go if you fancy some traditional high quality food, or if you are going for some drinks with friends and fancy some tapas. The menu often depends on what products are in season, and for this reason the food is always at its best.

Khao San Rd

This is the best Thai restaurant that I have ever been to. The food is really great, the staff are very friendly providing great service no matter how busy they are, and the interior is lovely. Having been there several times now, it is definitely one of my favourite places to eat. I would recommend the duck thai red curry - I have tried a range of meals and this is definitely my favourite one there.

Images: Duck Thai Red Curry and Steamed King Prawn Starters

Mumbai Lounge

This is definitely the best place to go if you fancy some Indian food. Along with great reviews, this restaurant serves the best Indian food that I have ever tasted. I generally stick to a chicken korma and peshwari naan when I have an Indian, and this was by far the best that I have ever tasted. The service is great too, and although the prices are fairly expensive for an Indian restaurant, it is definitely worth paying that bit extra for the quality that you get here.

Cafe Concerto

Cafe Concerto is situated in a great location, being opposite the Minster, and the interior has a 'music' theme, with violins hanging on the walls, and music sheets used as wallpaper. It has a really great vibe, and is a brilliant cafe to go to for some breakfast or lunch. They do some amazing cakes and desserts too!