Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Southbank Christmas market

Last weekend I took a trip to the Christmas market at Southbank, London, a German-style market feature 80 wooden chalets. A great place to go to get in the spirit of Christmas, with the chalets being filled with festive drink and food as well as a wide variety of gifts, from jewellery to candles. The setting is gorgeous, being right alongside the river Thames, close to the London Eye and opposite Big Ben, meaning that you get all of the pretty London views too.

Some of my favourite stands are shown in the images, with them being the gingerbread house, the star lampshades and the copper wire jewellery stand, from which I bought myself a turquoise ring.


Overall this was a great experience - perfect to get into the Christmas spirit and atmosphere. The market was very similar to the German market in Leeds, of which I go to every year - the main difference being that the Southbank market was missing the beer tent, one of the main attractions in the Leeds German market. There are some other great events at Southbank too, which can found found on their website. I love the look of the chocolate festival as well as the designers/makers Christmas market.