Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A short stay in Alicante

Just before Christmas I took a short weekend trip to Alicante, Spain (lucky enough to go for free along with my boyfriends company). Here are a few Instagram images from my time there - as you can see, the weather was sunny, but fairly mild so it was quite nice to go there during December to get away from the cold English weather!

Overall I thought Alicante was a really lovely place to visit, with great food and bars. One of my favourite streets is pictured on the image below, which was a long cobbled street with painted floors and mushrooms featured every so often down the whole length of the street - and it was a very long street!

I love these two images above showing one of the main streets of Alicante. There were chairs all the way down the street which I found quite odd at first, as they were just all over the place! But people just sat down to read, to paint or simply just relax and watch passers by. The harbour is to the right of this image, so it was a really great place to just relax.

The highlights of the trip would have to be trying the local food, including a variety of seafood and tapas, as well as wandering around the local bars and taking a trip to some smaller villages in the mountains. Alicante is great for a weekend trip away, especially if you can't afford to go somewhere too extravagant, as the prices in the local supermarkets were very low.