Monday, 24 February 2014

London Fashion Week top 3 trends

With London Fashion Week coming to an end, I have picked up on some of my favourite trends that I will be wearing next Autumn/Winter.

1. Cobalt blue.

Richard Nicholl, Fall 2014 RTW

This shade of blue has always been one of my favourite colours, so I'm so glad that it will be back next Autumn! This colour was used by Giles, Jean Pierre Braganza, Temperley London and Topshop Unique, with Jonathan Saunders and Michael van der Ham combining the cobalt blue shade with pastel blue, another favourite shade for this season.

Giles, Fall 2014 RTW

2. Matching sets.

London Fashion Week has been full of matching suits. Giles, Christopher Kane and Erdem all showcased modern variations of the business suit. Another trend spotted was matching outfits paired with complimentary tops, skirts or trousers. Christopher Kane showcased a latex suit which had a short, boxy jacket with ruffles and matching mini skirt. House of Holland designed a retro outfit consisting of a short jacket with tassel detailing along with tapered pants. Paul Smith showed pajama inspired outfits, combining satin pajama blouses with chic trousers with a jacquard pattern.

Christopher Kane, Fall 2014 RTW
House of Holland, Fall 2014 RTW
Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2014 RTW

3. Asymmetric.

Mary Katrantzou, one of my favourite designers, is all about asymmetrical this season. With cocktail dresses containing a strap on which a long piece of pleated fabric was draped on one side, Katrantzou added elegance to her collection. The straps of evening gowns at J.W Anderson were draping off the models shoulders. You will see a lot of asymmetric pieces this season in not only dresses, but jackets, skirts and tops too.

 Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2014 RTW

 Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2014 RTW

Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2014 RTW

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Five ways to make a sandwich more exciting...

Who said sandwiches have to be boring? Here are five ways to add creativity to a sandwich and make it even healthier by substituting the bread for alternatives.

1. Paleo breakfast burrito.

This is simply made from sautéed veg, scrambled eggs (x2) and ham.

Image from

2. Tuna melt red pepper sandwich.

This breadless sandwich is made with tuna, lettuce, mustard and cheese which has been added into a pepper sandwich and grilled. 

Image from Pinterest.

3. Deli-Style Roast Beef Cucumber Paleo Sandwich.

This is another very simple recipe - roast beef inside cucumber to make a delicious sandwich. You could alternatively use roasted duck instead which would be even better in my opinion!

Image from Pinterest.

4. Portabella mushroom 'burgers'.

This recipe includes halloumi, peppers, tomatos and basil leaves providing a very healthy alternative to a burger. This one is my favourite as I am a big mushroom fan, and it's such a good healthy alternative.

Image from

5. Tomato slicers.

Tomato sandwiches containing mini burgers and cheese. These are great as you can pick whatever filling you wish. Just remember to remove the seeds in order to prevent the juice running out. 

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hotels that I would love to visit...

I recently came across this post which inspired me to write this. I love looking at hotels when researching where to go on my holidays, and these hotels just look completely and utterly amazing...

However, I had better get saving if I want to go to these! I have picked my favourites- which do you like the look of the most out of these five?

1. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

What more could you want than a private, floating island with your bedroom 4 metres below the surface?! If you are into snorkelling and diving then this is definitely a must-visit. The under water room has a water deck too, so that you can relax by the sea. Zanzibar is definitely somewhere that I would like to visit and this hotel just looks amazingly unique.

2. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

This lodge has been built by surrounding communities and small wood-based mountain villages. There are many features including a restaurant, bar, sauna, min-golf, a playroom, etc - so plenty to keep you entertained. You can see more images here, and you can see how cute the rooms are! There are plenty of excursions too, so it's not like you would be completely stuck indoors.

3. Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The Ice Hotel in Sweden is somewhere that I would love to go one day, purely for the unique experience. I would also love to see the Northern Lights so it would be great to experience them both at once. I'd love to see the artwork and have a go at ice sculpting myself! The art suites look incredible - created by a variety of different artists, you can pick whichever style that you would like (my favourite is 'Before the big bang').

4. Panchoran Retreat, Bali

This retreat in Bali looks like a truly unique experience. There are a range of different styles of accommodation that you could choose from, including waterfall house, river house, modern waterfall house, coconut house and bamboo garden house. Being situated close to the Monkey Forest, it is in a great location as you get the best of both worlds - soaking up the culture in the Monkey Forest, and then traveling back to the peacefulness in the retreat. It looks like a great place to go for your honeymoon for something a bit different.

5. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

This resort offers everything that you need, including an Undersea restaurant, plenty of excursions (including a submarine!), as well as an underground wine cellar. The resort really does look amazing, with some spectacular views from your bedroom.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next holiday!

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Inside my make-up bag

Over the years I have tried and tested a number of different beauty products and I now have a collection that I love, where I keep buying the same brands for each product because I know that I like them - so here they are!

Haircare - I use a deep moisture intensive hair mask about once a month by James Brown. Beings as I don't get my hair trimmed as much as I should do and straighten it most days, this is really great at moisturising my hair and preventing split ends, and it feels and smells great too. I always try to let my hair dry naturally too, and don't wash it too much so that I don't wash out the natural oils. My hair's in good condition so this seems to be working!

Skincare - For my skin, I use Nivea products. I have quite good skin - normal - and I use cleansing mousse and moisturiser every morning by Nivea, and then I use Nivea tinted moisturiser rather than foundation. This is a lot thinner, so I find it great as an alternative - it doesn't feel heavy at all, so is great if you just want to add a bit of colour to your face. Sometimes I use No.7 skin illuminator too before using the tinted moisturiser, as this gives a great lift to your skin if it's feeling dull or if you are tired.

Bodywash - I love Lush for soaps, shower gels and bubble bath, simply because they smell great! They are also good for sensitive skin which is an added bonus. I've never found any other products that smell so good though - the two star-shaped soaps pictured above are from Lush, and just smell amazing, and also look great in your bathroom!

Eyes - I love Urban Decay eye palettes, as well as one by ME (pictured below), which is also great as it is very small (travel sized). But my ultimate favourite is the Too Faced smokey eye set, which has three sets of three colours to produce smokey eyes in blue, brown or black. I find this to be the best in terms of the application, and also in the length of time that it stays perfect. I use Urban Decay eyeliners as I find these to produce the strongest colours and also to be the easiest to apply. The ME eyelash curler's great too.

Lips - I love Lancome Juicy Tubes and have far too many of these! They smell great and also last a long time for a lip gloss so I think it is worth paying the extra cost for these. I also use ME lip glosses because I really like the colours, and the Bourjois Paris colour boost lip crayon in coral. I find BarryM lipstick's great too, and I also use The Body Shop lip butters during the day to keep them nicely moisturised - I used to use Vasaline but found that the more I used it, the more I needed t use it and the worse they got! The body butters by The Body Shop are great too, with my favourites being mango and coconut.

Eyebrows - For my eyebrows I use Soap & Glory as they have a great crayon that both defines and highlights, and it is the perfect colour for me. I also use Soap & Glory bronzer in peach, and concealer too and it glides on very smoothly, and isn't too thick.

Perfume - I love sweet perfumes, with my favourite two pictured above. These are both very sweet, but unique at the same time. I usually save the Dior for special occasions beings as it is quite expensive.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bedding Inspiration

 Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson
Designer green Japanese Chinoise bedding set

Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson - Ivory 'British Affair' floral bedding set

Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson - Designer white tropical bird bedding set

A I have been recently looking for a house, I have been spending a lot of time looking for design ideas for when I eventually get one. One room that I can't wait to design and decorate is the bedroom, and I love looking at bed linen and throws to get ideas of different layouts, furniture, patterns and colours, etc. From browsing online, I have included some of my favourites in this post. As you can tell from the bedspreads that I have chosen, I want to have a turquoise/duck egg colour theme as I already have a throw and pillows in this colour. I prefer the more pastel colours with the white/cream furniture alongside the bedding (such as the image below). Looking at these make me so excited to buy a house - living in rented property does really restrict you on decor as you have to stick to the same carpets and wall colours, and at the minute all of my furniture has been provided, so I have no choice in that. But I really can't wait to choose all of the furniture and paint colours too, as then you can really customise your own home, and actually make it feel like a home.

The above three duvet covers I adore, they are all by Matthew Williamson, found on the Debenhams website. I particularly like the Japanese Chinoise design in green (first image) - it even has a bright geometric reverse in green, red and white creating an interesting effect when turned up. I also love the bird designs on the other two bedding designs, and the oriental style that they have, although they aren't the particular colours that I will be having.

Duck Egg Beautiful Birds Bedlinen collection, Dunelm

Blue 'Paradise' floral bird pattern bed linen, Debenhams

The above two bedspread designs are quite similar, with again, a very oriental-style floral and bird pattern. I really like the pastel blue colour, and out of them both, I prefer the Duck Egg Beautiful Birds bedding, as I prefer this shade of blue and I also love the contrasting pink colours that brighten up the design. You can also get matching curtains, pillows and throws which are a great addition. That duvet set is also great if you are on a budget, with the duvet covers ranging from only £16.99.

Duck Egg Nina collection, Dunhelm

This Duck Egg Nina collection is probably my favourite, as I love the subtle pattern, and the colours are absolutely gorgeous! I actually have the small scatter cushion, and having seen the collection in store, it is very luxurious looking with soft and velour-like textures, contrasting against satin. I love the cushion and throw particularly, and these are the pastel colours that I want in my bedroom. I actually bought a very similar satin throw from dunelm in those shades to match the cushion, so now I just need a duvet cover!

This collection is quite pricey in comparison to some of the other collections, with the price ranging from £239 for a single duvet cover. Despite the price, the subtle pattern (very subtle similar to the duck egg nina collection above), texture and colours give the bedding a very luxurious finish, therefore I think that if you were to splash out on this, it would be worth it as you can tell that it is expensive.

This collection is again, very pricy, with contrasting bold tones along with delicate and intricate jacquard patterns, giving a very luxurious appearance that is both classical and modern. The golden jacquard tones go really well with the gold furniture. I love that velour scatter cushion too - the royal blue colour really finishes off the look and adds even more luxury. I love this look overall, however, I'm not sure that I would choose it myself.