Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hotels that I would love to visit...

I recently came across this post which inspired me to write this. I love looking at hotels when researching where to go on my holidays, and these hotels just look completely and utterly amazing...

However, I had better get saving if I want to go to these! I have picked my favourites- which do you like the look of the most out of these five?

1. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

What more could you want than a private, floating island with your bedroom 4 metres below the surface?! If you are into snorkelling and diving then this is definitely a must-visit. The under water room has a water deck too, so that you can relax by the sea. Zanzibar is definitely somewhere that I would like to visit and this hotel just looks amazingly unique.

2. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

This lodge has been built by surrounding communities and small wood-based mountain villages. There are many features including a restaurant, bar, sauna, min-golf, a playroom, etc - so plenty to keep you entertained. You can see more images here, and you can see how cute the rooms are! There are plenty of excursions too, so it's not like you would be completely stuck indoors.

3. Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The Ice Hotel in Sweden is somewhere that I would love to go one day, purely for the unique experience. I would also love to see the Northern Lights so it would be great to experience them both at once. I'd love to see the artwork and have a go at ice sculpting myself! The art suites look incredible - created by a variety of different artists, you can pick whichever style that you would like (my favourite is 'Before the big bang').

4. Panchoran Retreat, Bali

This retreat in Bali looks like a truly unique experience. There are a range of different styles of accommodation that you could choose from, including waterfall house, river house, modern waterfall house, coconut house and bamboo garden house. Being situated close to the Monkey Forest, it is in a great location as you get the best of both worlds - soaking up the culture in the Monkey Forest, and then traveling back to the peacefulness in the retreat. It looks like a great place to go for your honeymoon for something a bit different.

5. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

This resort offers everything that you need, including an Undersea restaurant, plenty of excursions (including a submarine!), as well as an underground wine cellar. The resort really does look amazing, with some spectacular views from your bedroom.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next holiday!

Images from myscienceacademy.org.