Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Inside my make-up bag

Over the years I have tried and tested a number of different beauty products and I now have a collection that I love, where I keep buying the same brands for each product because I know that I like them - so here they are!

Haircare - I use a deep moisture intensive hair mask about once a month by James Brown. Beings as I don't get my hair trimmed as much as I should do and straighten it most days, this is really great at moisturising my hair and preventing split ends, and it feels and smells great too. I always try to let my hair dry naturally too, and don't wash it too much so that I don't wash out the natural oils. My hair's in good condition so this seems to be working!

Skincare - For my skin, I use Nivea products. I have quite good skin - normal - and I use cleansing mousse and moisturiser every morning by Nivea, and then I use Nivea tinted moisturiser rather than foundation. This is a lot thinner, so I find it great as an alternative - it doesn't feel heavy at all, so is great if you just want to add a bit of colour to your face. Sometimes I use No.7 skin illuminator too before using the tinted moisturiser, as this gives a great lift to your skin if it's feeling dull or if you are tired.

Bodywash - I love Lush for soaps, shower gels and bubble bath, simply because they smell great! They are also good for sensitive skin which is an added bonus. I've never found any other products that smell so good though - the two star-shaped soaps pictured above are from Lush, and just smell amazing, and also look great in your bathroom!

Eyes - I love Urban Decay eye palettes, as well as one by ME (pictured below), which is also great as it is very small (travel sized). But my ultimate favourite is the Too Faced smokey eye set, which has three sets of three colours to produce smokey eyes in blue, brown or black. I find this to be the best in terms of the application, and also in the length of time that it stays perfect. I use Urban Decay eyeliners as I find these to produce the strongest colours and also to be the easiest to apply. The ME eyelash curler's great too.

Lips - I love Lancome Juicy Tubes and have far too many of these! They smell great and also last a long time for a lip gloss so I think it is worth paying the extra cost for these. I also use ME lip glosses because I really like the colours, and the Bourjois Paris colour boost lip crayon in coral. I find BarryM lipstick's great too, and I also use The Body Shop lip butters during the day to keep them nicely moisturised - I used to use Vasaline but found that the more I used it, the more I needed t use it and the worse they got! The body butters by The Body Shop are great too, with my favourites being mango and coconut.

Eyebrows - For my eyebrows I use Soap & Glory as they have a great crayon that both defines and highlights, and it is the perfect colour for me. I also use Soap & Glory bronzer in peach, and concealer too and it glides on very smoothly, and isn't too thick.

Perfume - I love sweet perfumes, with my favourite two pictured above. These are both very sweet, but unique at the same time. I usually save the Dior for special occasions beings as it is quite expensive.