Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Clustered framed wall art

One thing that I want to focus on this year is getting back into art, especially when we move into our new home as I want to decorate it! I really like the idea of having a group of framed artwork in the living room, and I especially love the idea below.

This image is from Southern Living, where a cluster of framed art has been arranged as a feature of the room. The colours are different to what I would like, but they work really well along with the simple frames.

So, I have been drawing a lot more recently to try to get back into it. After a year or so I definitely need some practise!

Here is some of my artwork that I would like to include on a wall, but I also have a lot more to do as I'd like it to all be in colours that can match well and would be a good fit for the room (along with the other furnishings). 

Also, I have (finally!) completed my second crochet cover for the living room, with both shown below. I do still have my purple and cream crochet blanket to continue working on though, which will go in one of the bedrooms.

I'm currently buying lots of home design magazines to keep on giving me ideas, so it's all very exciting at the minute. I also have a lovely addition to my living room here which was given to me as a gift, so overall everything is coming together really well - I just can't wait to get all moved in now and really make it our own home.