Thursday, 19 June 2014

Decor that I love

I'm currently slightly obsessed with Pinterest - it's only a week until we move into our house now and so I'm constantly browsing for new furniture and room inspiration for when we get moved in.

These are some of my favourites that I've found so far...

The sofa and chair above are the styles that we have chosen for the living room (and already bought), with the sofa being a three seater version rather than a corner sofa. I love the colours, and so I'm planning the rest of the living room/dining area to match this. I especially love the swivel chair which rotates 360 degrees and is as big as the two seater sofa in this's very comfy as you could imagine!

As there is a radiator in the living room, I'd love a handmade radiator cover - shabby chic style - and luckily we have a relative that can make them, so we'll be getting together some ideas for this once we are moved in. I love the pretty designs such as those ones above.

A large mirror is a must, and I'd like a french-style design such as the two pictured above. I may have a look around some antique shops for one of these, and possibly paint it in a similar style to the top ornate design from Not on the High Street, which has a vintage hand distressed and antique finish, created by hand painting in white paint.

I love the above dining tables, and I think I'll be going for a dark wood table which will be in the living room. I'll be looking at getting four chairs with just a small sized table, and I love the dark wooden dining table above. Again, I'll have a look around antique stores for one of these, or possibly look into some reclaimed dining sets.

This arrangement of vases is a great way of making a simple but really pretty focal point, and would look great in the living room so I'll definitely be looking into creating something very similar to this. The below bedroom images show colour schemes that I love - duck egg and white/cream french style furniture, and red/white colours against dark wood. I already have duck egg bedding that will go in the guest bedroom, so now I just need the furniture! As you can tell from this post as well as my previous posts, I'm very excited to get moved in and start designing. Keep an eye out for my posts during July and August, as I'll hopefully have some rooms fully set up so that I can start blogging them.