Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Where does the time go?!

So I just had the time to take a look at my blog this evening to realise that I hadn't written a post for almost two months now...where does the time go?!

This year feels like it is going by so quickly - I can't believe it's already June (my birthday soon!). It feels as though it should be February still, not long after Christmas, and for some reason time really does seem to go by faster and faster as you get older. It has also been a really busy few months for me and I feel as though I haven't really had a real break so far, with each day being really busy, hence why I haven't had the time to write a post.

Here's some of the things that have been going on over the last couple of months.

1. I am now a proud homeowner!

It's been a really challenging and stressful time, as myself and my boyfriend have been looking for a house since the end of last year. We've been looking in York as this is where we both work, ideally looking for somewhere in the centre, however, we came to realise that it is actually a big challenge to get a property in York, and also very expensive with it being the 3rd most expensive area to live in the UK. We found that the properties were just selling so quickly - quicker than we even realised was possible. We were viewing properties as soon as we saw them available on the market, and then as soon as we viewed them and gave ourselves time to come to a decision/put in an offer, they would have already sold. So it ended up just being a case of putting in an offer as soon as we saw a house that we liked, without even having the time to think about it or have a second viewing. I don't know whether it is just York that is like this (obviously I know that London is), or whether we were just interested in the most popular properties! We ended up putting in around three offers which were declined, and all went above the asking price. However, we finally had our offer accepted in March on a house that we love - a terraced house very close to the centre of York which we were really happy about - so it was all very exciting, although I knew that nothing would be final until we had exchange of contracts, of which only happened a few days ago. It was a very long process, with several complications including our surveyor down-valuing the house, meaning that we had to re-negotiate the price which was very challenging and stressful, as well as being part of a long chain and having to battle to break from the top of the chain, of which slowly and eventually happened after a lot of phone calls. But finally it has all worked out and I now feel stress-free about the whole situation. Although I still have plenty to organise, packing to do and lots of new furniture to buy - but that's the fun part!

We've already bought our sofa, chair and a bed, and we luckily have a lot of furniture being given to us. But there's still plenty left to buy. I'll be sure to update my blog with pictures of our rooms once they are all set up (so exciting!) - we are due to move in on the 27th so it's really not long now. Time to relax for a while...

I'll also be doing a post with some of my advice and tips if you are a first time buyer - whether you've only just decided that you would like to buy or whether you are in the middle of the process, it will hopefully be very helpful. I'm hoping to get this written in the next few days.

The House (image from

2. Promotion at work.

Along with the stress of buying a house I've also been very busy at work, but the hard work has paid off and I've been promoted from a Campaign Manager to an Operations Manager, managing a team of around 10 people and being responsible for the delivery of all campaigns - it's big step up and can be very challenging whilst working for a relatively new but vastly growing company. With the company being fairly new and vastly growing with continuous developments it is always very busy, but at the same time never boring. This is something that I would of never imagined myself doing after studying Fashion Design at University, however, I really enjoy digital marketing and I enjoy the management side, and it's also something that I feel I'm really good at. I'll also be doing a diploma in management shortly which will be something to add to my CV and hopefully I'll learn a lot from it. I do still want to use my degree in some way though, but I still need to think about that - I would love to do projects on the side of work from home such as making my own things, combining art and fashion, but I really struggle to find the time to think about it at the moment. One day I will make this happen!

3. A short break in Ibiza.

In the middle of all of these stressful situations that I have got myself in, I did take one break and flew to Ibiza at the beginning of May - I wouldn't exactly of called it relaxing though! Having never been to Ibiza I didn't really know what to expect, but I loved it and it was really hot weather too so I'd definitely go again. It was a great time to visit if you want to avoid the big crowds too, as it was a lot more of a relaxed environment. I'd recommend TULP and Ibiza Rocks bar along San Antonio bay if you do decide to go. We didn't go to any of the big clubs, but just went to bars which still ended up being very expensive! Here's a few pictures to show what we got up to.

Above images: view of the sunset from Cafe Mambo.

Above images: TULP - my favourite place that we went to, with sofas/hammocks just across from the beach.