Thursday, 31 July 2014

Inside my home...


As you may know if you've read my previous posts, last month I bought my own house along with my boyfriend - it's pretty much all I've been talking about on my blog recently! So, I thought I'd share some images of how it is looking so far after just receiving all of my furniture (with the sofa being the last to arrive). Sitting on a bean bag chair for the last 4 weeks has been fun though!

There's still quite a bit of work to do, such as working on the garden, getting a dining table, buying mirrors, paintwork, etc. But overall, it was in pretty good condition luckily. The lounge and main bedrooms are my two favourites. The rooms are all described and pictured below.

The Living room

As mentioned, the living room is one of my favourites as it's just so cosy, with french doors leading to the garden and a staircase in the room which I love. I've gone for a pale cream, grey and red colour scheme, with dark wood featured. The dining table will go behind the sofa, and I'm looking for a small dark wooden one, with 4 chairs - possibly one then extends due to the space. The sofa and chair are both huge, so it doesn't leave too much space for the table. I'd also like an extra large feature mirror on the wallpapered wall, towards the dining end of the room - this should open it up. I'm thinking of a shabby chic style frame in cream.

The Garden

The garden is small, but just the right size for us really. We have painted the shed and have a few plants/flowers now, and we just now need to work on the grass and also possibly paint the fence up a bit in order to brighten it up. The previous owners didn't seem to spend much time working on the garden at all!

The Kitchen

The Kitchen has a red and cream theme, and we have a lovely handmade shelf to put up in there too, which has hooks to hang pretty things on! This room looks out onto the front garden, and there's also a storage cupboard and toilet close by.

The main bedroom

I've gone for quite a calming theme in this room. After researching how to match my personality to my bedroom, I thought purple would be the best colour to go for, and I've used both a lighter and darker shade. I think this works really well with the grey shade of the wooden furniture. I particularly love the curtains; the material feels really luxurious, and although they were expensive they're definitely worth the price. I'm still not sure of the wallpaper in here - at first I really wanted to get rid of it, but now I think it quite works.

The guest bedroom

The guest bedroom has a very feminine feel, with dark wood furnishings, including a dressing table and wardrobe. These were given as a gift, and work great within the room. Again, I'm not a huge wallpaper fan - the wallpaper throughout the house was added by the previous owners, but it does add some colour to the room for now. Eventually we will go through all the rooms to re-decorate, but at the moment it doesn't bother me too much!

The main bathroom

I definitely think the bathroom could use a decorate. I'd like to have tiles on the floor eventually, in a lighter colour such as cream, in order to brighten up the room. I'll also be going for a sea theme in here, with shells, sandy colours, along with turquoise sea colours.

As you can see, there's still a lot of work to do, but we have plenty of years ahead of us to get this done! We've made a huge difference since we moved in, and all the hard work has paid off as it now feels like a real home, and it's a great feeling knowing that we own it too.