Monday, 21 July 2014

Shopping for an occasion

It's the Summer, meaning that there are a lot of great occasions taking place in the sun, such as weddings, parties, proms, homecomings, balls, etc. Unfortunately I have no weddings to attend this year. Last year, however, one of my best friends got married and I was a bridesmaid, which was a great experience and a lovely day. I just love weddings! I do have some Summer parties coming up this year to look forward to, and so I've been looking online for some new dresses so I've picked a few of my favourites below - now I just have to pick which to buy!

Lipsy and ASOS are great places to start when looking for party dresses. I particularly love ASOS, as it has such a wide range of brands, from low budget to high end, so it's great to have a browse. This dress is one of my favourites at the minute, and is £58 so not badly priced, especially if you have been saving to buy an outfit for a particular occasion. I love the structured cut and contrasting shapes created, with a simple approach. It would be great for a Summer wedding along with a fascinator, but equally as good for a party, or even a holiday dress.

I have recently come across the website, Dresswe (, which has a range of great clothing including evening wear, prom dresses as well as wedding dresses, so it's perfect if you are shopping for an occasion. If you haven't already, it's worth visiting the site to find Dresswe cheap, special occasion dress hot sales - there's so much choice and so many sales, so I'd definitely recommend it.

Missguided have some great discount dresses - another site that I would definitely recommend. It is very similar to, with a lot of choice if you're looking for a discount.

Along with a great dress, I also need some heels. These two are some of my favourites that I have seen so far, with the first pair being from Missguided, and the second pair from Dresswe.

Now it's time for the part that I'm worst at: decisions. Deciding what to buy can be very challenging, so maybe I'll just have to buy a few and then decide which to wear!