Monday, 18 August 2014

Travel: Puerto de Mogan

During my recent travels to Gran Canaria (I'll be writing a blog post very soon about my trip), I was lucky enough to visit Puerto de Mogan, a beautiful fishing village close to the south coast. It is referred to as 'Little Venice', due to the bridges and canals of the seawater. As you can see from the images, the architecture, Mediterranean homes/cottages and marina are really picturesque - one of the prettiest places that I have visited. There are also a lot of little handmade stores, selling anything from jewellery, souvenirs and scarves. Along with this, there is a market every Friday which is the day that I visited, and so it's very tempting to have a good splurge!

I've posted a selection of some of my favourite photographs that I took whilst I was there. I go a bit crazy with photo's whenever I travel, so I've edited them down quite a lot. As you can see, the flowers, colours, white-washed buildings and canals make this a lovely place to visit. The fact that it is hot all year round is an added bonus, so you can visit during any month and it will always look this pretty!

If you are thinking of traveling here for a day trip, then my advice would be to go in the morning, as it gets very hot in the afternoon with it being the hottest part of the island along with Puerto Rico. Also, remember plenty of water and sun cream of course! There is also a beach in the centre too with watersports (just to the left of this picture above), although it does get very busy. So overall, I'd really recommend visiting this part of the island if you are visiting Gran Canaria - there is plenty to do, and lots to see.