Sunday, 28 September 2014

Five things that I am looking forward to in October

Summer is almost over, and it has to be said that it is a pretty depressing time of year for me when this happens. Although I look forward to Christmas, I hate the idea of time passing by so quickly, and it seems to go by more and more quickly as time passes by. I guess that's one of the downsides of getting older!

I've decided to get together five things that I am looking forward to in October, as it is one of my least favourite months so I need to get out of this depressing phase. October is the time of year when it starts getting cold and it starts getting darker in the mornings and evenings, but equally it's the time when the leaves start falling and the pretty colours come through. It's also the month when I have the following things to look forward to...

1. Calving pumpkins at Halloween.

I love Halloween, and I've never actually calved a pumpkin before, and I plan on doing so this year so I'm pretty excited about that! Now that I live in a house rather than a flat, I think it's about time that I do one. They have some great idea's on - not sure what I'll do yet, but I'll be sure to upload it to my blog once complete!

Images from

2. A week away from work.

It's very rare that I have time off work with not many plans; usually I only really book time off to go on holiday, or to visit family and so I'm generally still very busy on my time off. This time I've taken off 5 days, and I don't really have many plans other than relaxing, and doing a few things around the house that I haven't had the chance to do yet.

3. Scarefest at Alton Towers.

After not visiting Alton Towers for about 10 years, I thought it was about time that I went. I absolutely love rollercoasters, although I haven't been on one for quite a while now, and so me and my boyfriend are going for Scarefest and staying overnight. I'm VERY excited about this!!

4. Getting my hair done.

Depending on the pennies, this may have to happen in November (I've got a lot to pay for this month, including car MOT and insurance, new immersion heater, etc..). But I really need to get my hair done as soon as possible - it's been over a year now! Because my hair is long and I generally look after it well, it can usually look fine after not being cut for a while. But it's now getting to the stage where it doesn't! I am going to get more ombre done as mine is growing out now - maybe starting about halfway down my hair or a little higher, and going into a light blonde which means that I may have to have some bleach put in. I do love this look as I think it really brightens up your hair, especially if you're similar to me, where you wouldn't really suit a different colour all over your hair.

The above images are how I want it to look, although a warmer shade than the top image (I think the ashy blonde must be hair extensions). Below is how it looks at the minute - this is a year old, and it is almost too subtle for me, so I'd like it to be a lot lighter.

5. Pink Parcel.

Image from

I read about Pink Parcel on Facebook, after seeing it on one of my Facebook friends wall. Pink Parcel is a subscription service for your monthly cycle and is £9.95 per month, although the first month is discounted. You basically receive a parcel containing tampons to supply you through the month after choosing your brand, along with other goodies from brands such as FakeBake, Nivea, Elizabeth Arden, etc. I think this is a great idea! The packaging also looks really cute, and it seems to be really worthwhile paying that price with all of the goodies that you get. I love surprises, and it is definitely making me not dread that time of the month this time! I'll be doing a review of my box as soon as it arrives later on in the month.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Latest additions to the house.

As you may know if you read my blog, I love buying bits and bobs for the home; whether it's anything from decorative artwork, bedding, or kitchen gadgets.

Here are some of my latest additions to the home - apologies for the quick snaps and therefore poor quality of some of the photo's!

1. Feature mirror from Homesense.

I really love Homesense - it's one of my favourite shops for home decor, as it has lovely pieces from around the world, which are not only often unique, but they are also great prices. I have been looking in different stores for a mirror including John Lewis, Next and Laura Ashley, but I couldn't find one that I really liked at the right price. I loved this one as soon as I saw it, as it was just the right style and size for the living room.

2. My artwork in the bathroom.

I decided to get my one of my paintings printed onto glossy paper, and then framed it myself (I am planning on buying a better frame - at the minute it is just a Wilkinsons frame!). This matches the colour scheme of the bathroom (green and turquoise), and I quite like making use of some of my work. You can see some more of my artwork here, and I'm planning on doing a lot more soon in order to brighten up some of the rooms, particularly using acrylics and large canvas's.

3. Dining table from Homebase.

We don't have much space for a dining table, and so this one is perfect as the chairs all slot into the table, and it's also very comfy and easily fits four people around it. The circle design also goes really well with our living room, and it just fits in perfectly. I'd like to get a rug just to finish off the room, and then this room is pretty much there! The adjustable lamp is from John Lewis, and the room looks great when it's getting dark, with the lap shining over the table.

4. Re-vamped mirror.

I've had this mirror every since I started my first year at university, which was a very long time ago now...well, 6 years ago to be precise! It was just a plain wooden frame, and I thought about giving it away when I moved house. However, I then thought of the idea of giving it a bit of a shabby-chic style, and so I simply painted it in a washed grey colour, and then sanded it down so that some of the wood shows through. I'm really pleased with the results, as it matches the washed look of the bedroom furniture perfectly - it's also saved me a few pennies too!

5. Mosaic mirror from Amazon.

This mirror is for the downstairs toilet, and really brightens it up. I love this shade of blue, and I'd like to decorate this room with a sea/shell theme in order to make it more homely - so a bit more work to do here. I'd also love to change the carpet to a pebbled floor when we can afford it, similar to this one below but a brighter colour.

6. Framed butterfly collage from Bhs.

I have quite a few butterfly themed pieces in my house, both in the main bathroom and bedroom. I bought this from bhs as it matches the bedroom colours and theme. I really like the 3D design - you can't see it too well in the photograph, but it has a newspaper background, and then 3D butterflies placed over the top.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Summer Trend: Clash

As summer has quickly passed, I have decided to take a good look at two of my favourite trends for the season in order to keep in the happy summer spirit! These are clashing prints, and clashing colours.

The above image shows a Polyvore set that I have created based on clashing prints. For this, I have looked at one of my favourite designers at the minute; Mary Katrantzou. I absolutely love her designs, as she has some really great prints that feature the perfect mix of colours, along with birds, floral designs and aztec patterns. My favourite has to be the silk jumper (pictured below); I really do love this - just looking at it makes me happy! However, it isn't really in my price range as it costs £681.28. I may add this to my birthday wishlist and just hope that someone can buy it for me! If, however, this is in your price range, then you can buy this from FarFetch by clicking here. Maybe one day I will be able to afford something from her collection, or I may just buy a silk scarf, such as the one on the left. To view where any of the clothes are from, take a look at my polyvore page, with the link to this given at the end of the post.

This set below focuses on clashing colours. I am really into bold, big jewellery at the moment, and this necklace is one of my favourites. The bold, clashing colours of the necklace mean that you can wear it with any outfit to add some extra colour. I also think bold colours look best with a tan, as if you look a bit pasty then they can wash you out, therefore they are great pieces to wear when you're on holiday. I love the neon green colour of the jacket, and although I probably wouldn't be confident enough to wear that colour on a jacket, I do think it would look great! I do, however, have quite a few accessories in that colour. Accessories are a good way to wear these bright, clashing colours without being too bold, which is why I love the necklace so much - anyone could pull this off! If you love any of this pieces and wish to buy then, then please see my polyvore page by clicking the link below.

Images were created with Polyvore. See my sets here: