Monday, 25 May 2015

Pink Parcel - monthly subscription

So in my last blog post I'd promised to do a follow up piece about my Pink Parcel subscription, and finally, it is here!!

I subscribed to this back in October, and this post contains items from my May parcel, which included an anatomicals face mask, some drinking fudge, a chocolate bar, a L'occitane face toner, a flamingo candle wax melt and also a Richard Ward hair mask. As well as these products, I got the 'U' by Kotex tampons, which are only available in the UK via the Pink Parcel, and after using them I really like these products. I'm obviously loving this subscription, as I am still receiving the parcels!

I've come across some really great brands from the Pink Parcel, such as Flamingo Candles; and I've actually now subscribed to receive their wax melts due to loving the ones that I got in my Pink Parcels, so I'm really excited about that now too.

The Pink Parcel is really beautifully presented in a box that contains 4 mini items, including a travel bag containing a few tampons to keep in your handbag for when your period starts, two more boxes of your tampons and one box containing your goodies. I'll be sure to do a review of both my Pink Parcel in June, as well as my Flamingo Candle goodies too.