Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pink Parcel - July review

July’s Pink Parcel definitely didn’t disappoint me, and so here’s a sneak peak of what I found in my parcel.

1.     U by Kotex tampons x25. I absolutely love this brand and I have only ever used them recently when I subscribed to Pink Parcel. They’re in pretty colours with a feminine design, and they’re very discreet and smooth. My favourites are the Click tampons, as they’re a lot easier to hide in your bag!

Yummy treats include:

2.     Citrus Chamomile tea. I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds very refreshing and I’m very excited to have this, possibly on a day where I need waking up!

3.     Cocoba milk chocolate spoon. I absolutely love the design of this – I’ve never seen them before but it looks so tasty and so I’m very excited to try it when I’ve got that craving for something sweet. This retails at £2.75. I had a look at their website and they have some great other products, with one being this Rose Dark chocolate that I’ll most likely be trying out soon!

Beauty treats include:

4.     Green People Sun Lotion. This product works great, as it is non-greasy therefore you don’t get that oily feeling that you generally get after applying sun lotion. 200 ml of this retails at £18.95, so it is quite pricy.

5.     Organic Surge Facial Oil. This is probably my favourite product that I received, as it leaves your skin feeling so soft after applying it. It’s perfect for when your skin feels dry or tight, and it smells amazing too with it being enriched with Argan oil. This retails at £23.50, therefore it is definitely a great product if you get this in your parcel too! This is one that I will be continuing to use.

6.     L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara. I love testing out new mascaras, and I often find it difficult to find one that works. This one is great for separating lashes and extending them, although I have to say that I preferred the Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara that I received a few months ago from Pink Parcel.

7.     Mod Beauty CocktailShaker Lip Balm. These are really cute and I got the strawberry Daiquiri one, which smells delicious – so much so that I want to eat it! I found these on amazon for  £4.47.

8.     Bandzee Hair ties. I loved these hair bands the fist time that I received them in my Pink Parcel, and so I was glad that they came round again. I received some fluorescent ones, which are great for summer. They leave no marks on your hair, and look great around your wrist too – bonus!