Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bridal and bridesmaid dress reviews

Two of my best friends are now engaged - one will be getting married July 2016 and the other July 2017. Along with this excitement, I'm happily being a bridesmaid for both of them and so I'm extremely excited! I know that they will both be completely different weddings too, with very different bridesmaids dresses due to them having different styles.

So something that's taking up quite a bit of my time at the minute is looking at wedding idea's, along with shopping for dresses - both for the bride and the bridesmaids.

Here are some of my favourite dresses that I've come across so far, including a complete mix of styles.

Wedding Dresses

The dresses below are both from JDbridal.co. JDbridal specialise in bridal dresses, and they deliver worldwide so you can simply order online. The dresses are great prices and quality, with a huge selection of styles. I think it's important as a bride to try in every style first, even if it isn't exactly what you are looking for, as you never know what it will look like until it is on. It's also important to choose the venue and theme, so that you can dress to suit the theme.

Both of my friends are looking for A-Line bridal dresses ideally, and I absolutely love the dress above which is reduced to 230.60 USD. It is A-Line and strapless with a built in bra, and has lace detailing, with a lace-up back. It's very simple yet stunning, and would be perfect for a church wedding.

I equally love this dress too (more so for myself!), and I think it would be a great dress for a beach wedding. It is designed specifically for a beach wedding as it has that loose, free feel, and it also has a beautiful, delicate halter with a flower attachment giving some added detail. I love a simplistic wedding dress, and wouldn't mind getting married abroad either! This dress has been reduced to 129.99USD.

Bridesmaid Dresses

I love shopping for bridesmaids dresses - trying them on with friends is all part of the fun in the wedding planning!

Here are some of my favourites that I've seen online.

The above dress is from JDbridal.co, as they sell bridesmaid dresses along with bridal dresses, and retails at 124.83USD (reduced from 515.99USD). It is a gorgeous daffodil colour, in taffeta fabric. I love the colour and style - it's a really cute style, although I don't think either of my friends would go for a shorter dress.

This dress is from Dessy.com, which is a very popular brand for bridal dresses. When I was a bridesmaid for another friend almost 2 years ago I wore a Dessy dress, which can be seen here. I love the colour and shape of this, as well as the lightweight georgette fabric that has been used. I also love the splits in the dress, showing the layers off. The colour is similar to what one of my friends will be having too - a very dusky grey. This dress is 238USD, found here.

Dessy also sells wrap dresses, which are a great idea for destination weddings as the fabrics are packable and crease-resistant. They have instructions on how to wear them, and the prices range from 140USD, so a cheaper option too.

So, the plan is to keep looking until we find a dress that's perfect! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration if you are searching for dresses.