Thursday, 6 August 2015

The stunning Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

I recently blogged about my visit to Venice, and at the same time as I visited Venice, I also went on a trip to see the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, a national park with 16 lakes and the most beautiful views that I've ever seen.

I have to say that I do love nature: waterfalls, trees, and pretty much anything that is natural beauty! So for me, this park was a perfect fit. There are a total of 16 lakes, 2 being larger and 14 smaller that are all connected by cascades and waterfalls, whilst seperated by natural barriers of travertine. With clear crystal-clean turqouise water; the most gorgeous waterfalls with cascades; small, delicate wooden pathways; cute electric boats; and lush greenery, I think that anyone who visits the park would be amazed and stunned by the views.

There really are the most beautiful views everywhere that you look, and hopefully the photographs show this. I'd definitely recommend visiting the national park whilst in Croatia. For me, it was a 4-5 hour journey from my hotel in Rovinj, Croatia, however, it was definitely worth the long trip just for the experience.

Although the part of the national park in the Entrance 1 (beginning with Lower lakes, from direction Karlovac/Slunj) has the most of the Plitvice Lakes greatest highlights, I preferred the Upper lakes. If you are travelling independantly, then I'd suggest allowing yourself to spend the whole day there in order to take in all the views! The only issue that I had was that because it was a group tour, I had set times to stick to and a guided tour which didn't allow enough time for me to take in the views. I'd also recommend visiting in April/May which is when I went, as it wasn't too busy and I'd heard that during the peak seasons it gets far too busy.

Overall it was one of the best experiences that I had in Croatia (blog post on Croatia to come soon, I promise!). I hope you enjoy the snaps from my visit :)