Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Iris Apfel on Fashion

 Image credits: The Guardian

With the Iris Apfel documentary being released recently, I thought it was relevant to do a post about her. I came across Iris Apfel when doing a project for Leeds University in 2011, and I ended up basing a lot of my project around her, so, it's fair to say that I'm a big fan!

It's not just her fashion and style that I love, but it's more about her attitude to life that I find really inspiring. She doesn't care what people think, and I definitely wish that I was more like that.

 Image credits: The Guardian

At 93, Apfel has become the leading ambassador for the fashion of chance - she is all about improvising, and for Apfel, getting dressed is like a creative act where you can be playful and go as wild as you would like to. She layers clothes and costume jewellery together in a way that not many people would, but that's the thing that makes her so unique and special.

Apfel actually became an 'It girl' far before I came across her - it was back in 2005, during her eighties. It is quite clear that she has travelled far and wide, as her clothes and jewellery is so ethnic and is clearly collected from everywhere that she travels, including fabrics and art.

Here are some wise words from Apfel, as discussed in The Guardian:

1. Accessories are everything.
2. Denim can be remarkable.
3. Fabulousness begins at home.
4. Your vocabulary can be chic, too.
5. Pretty is overrated.
6. Fashion takes effort.

Currently Apfel is working on a jewellery and handbag collection, of which I can't wait to see. I can't say that I'd be daring enough to be like her, or wear what she does, but I'm definitely a big fan of her and I admire people that are like her. I can't wait to see the documentary!

The photographs above are the final result of my project, of which actually won myself a work placement at the M&S head office, resulting in being offered a job as a fashion designer. The project was based around creating a styling concept in line with M&S, and I took a lot of inspiration from Iris Apfel as you can see, with the bold, colourful and ethical approach.