Saturday, 19 September 2015

Travelling around Malta

Last week I went on a work trip to Malta as a lot of our clients are based there, and although we had a lot of meetings booked, we still had chance to enjoy the sunshine whilst we could!

Here are a few photo's that I took during my stay there. 

On the first night I stayed at The Palace hotel in Sliema. This is a 5* hotel with a gorgeous view of the whole of Malta from the rooftop. It also has an infinity pool which is an added bonus (photographs above)! This is the best hotel that I've stayed in at Malta so I'd definitely recommend it - the food and room were both lovely, and the location was perfect too.

The above images are from the North of Malta, where we visited a lovely beach to watch the sunset. As you can see, we were lucky as the sunset was beautiful and it was just really relaxing to sit on the beach until it got dark - pretty good way to end a day!

The above two images show the view from our apartment which was at Tigne Seafront. You can see Valletta, the main tourist attraction in Malta with it's Baroque architecture and St. John's Cathedral of which you can see in the photograph. This was a lovely view to wake up to.

Along with client meetings, I also ate a lot of amazing food, such as that pictured above which was at a Greek restaurant in the north of Malta.

September is a great time to visit Malta - the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius - so it was very warm and had a little breeze (but still very humid). Malta is a great place to visit as a holiday destination and hopefully I'll be doing more trips like this in the near future :)

If you want to see some more photographs of different area's of Malta, then you can read one of my past blog posts here from a different trip.